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by Aman Niranjan

Personal Information Collection:
Users can generate personal data for Haqiqi News that may be derived from site visits, registrations, order placements, filling in of forms, subscriptions or any interaction with it. Such information could include one’s names, email address, physical addresses, as well as mobile numbers. Nonetheless, in case an individual’s contact information is not willingly availed of, a user may still visit ours with no hassles.

Non-Personal Information:

Other non-personal information that is related to user’s interactions with our site may include types of browsers and computers, technical data such as operating systems and internet service providers.

Web Browser Cookies:
Haqiqi News uses cookies that are stored onto a users’ hard drive in order to keep track of and improve user experiences. Individuals can change their browser preferences to block cookies but this could influence on a website’s performance.

Usage of Collected Information:
Haqiqi News collects personal information to improve customer service; understand how users use our services, enhance its website, and send emails periodically. Apart from this, user’s email address may be used to process orders, provide order updates, respond to inquiry, or, with user consent, to send company news of special interest.

Data Protection:
Haqiqi News provides security to collected data with regards to its storage, processing and security provisions. Secure SSL communications for encrypted data exchange with authentication supported by digitized signature.

Third-Party Websites and Advertising:
Users are advised to review the privacy policies of other sites linked on our site. We may allow advertising partners to show ads on the website and such ads could cause cookies for collecting the impersonal data only. While Google Adsense may show some of the ads based on users’ internet use, this does not involve collection of their private data.

Children’s Privacy:
Our policy does not involve collecting information on minors who are less than 13 years old, and the site was not created for them.

Policy Changes:
Haqiqi News reserves the right to change the privacy information anytime; notice is provided by posting in the main site page. The users should also be reminded to check regularly for a possible update of the policies issued.

Acceptance of Terms:
These terms and condition governs user access to our site; by using the site, users consent to them. If one does not accept the policy, he should stay out of the website. For continued use means, acceptance of changes after the policies.