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by Aman Niranjan
Show Your Creativity & Prove that your age doesn't matters

Story Writing Competition open to writers from around the world

First time ever no language barrier

Welcome to the Haqiqi News Story Writing Competition! We invite storytellers of all ages to participate in our upcoming online event

Story Writing Competition - Haqiqi News
Story Writing Competition - Haqiqi News

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Here are the rules, regulations, and descriptions for this exciting competition:

Terms and Condition:

  • Content should be your own and should be plagiarism and AI free
  • All languages are applicable till the times its our own content

Entry Fee and Prizes:

  • Participants are required to pay a nominal entry fee of Rs. 10
  • The winner stands a chance to win prizes of up to Rs. 4000.

Qualification Criteria:

  • The minimum qualification for entry will be based on the engagement received by the story.
  • If a story does not meet the minimum engagement threshold, the participant will not be eligible for rewards.
  • Engagement will be measured in terms of likes and comments.
  • A minimum of 500 likes + Comments is required on a story to qualify for consideration.

Reward System:

  • The top three stories with the highest engagement (likes and comments) will be rewarded.
  • Rewards will be based on the engagement score.
  • Participation Certificate: All participants will receive a participation certificate acknowledging their contribution to the competition.

Competition Timeline:

  • Day 1: Submission Phase – Participants will submit their stories online.
  • Day 2: Visibility Phase – Stories will be made visible, and participants can begin marketing their entries.
  • Days 3-5: Marketing Period – Participants have three days to promote their stories.
  • Day 6: Winner Announcement – The names of the winners will be announced on the sixth day of the competition.

We encourage participants to utilize the marketing period effectively to garner engagement for their stories. Remember, the more likes and comments your story receives, the higher your chances of winning!

For any query connect on

Get ready to unleash your creativity and captivate the audience with your storytelling process. We look forward to receiving your compelling narratives and wish all participants the best of luck!

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